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The Law Office of Merril S. Chin, LLC, in Peabody, Massachusetts, represents parents in child support matters. We have decades of experience in assisting families with child support disputes, and we can help you too.

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Child Support Determinations

Child support disputes are generally less complex than child custody disputes, since Massachusetts has guidelines for determining who will pay support and in what amount. These guidelines take into account health insurance, day care costs and other costs.

Though guidelines exist, other factors can affect a child support order, and in certain circumstances the Court may depart from the child support guidelines, particularly if a child has specific needs such as medical or educational needs. Child custody arrangements and alimony awards can also affect child support.

Child Support Modifications

From time to time, it may become necessary to modify child support. The loss of a job and subsequent loss of income, for example, may be one of those times. A change in the financial needs of the child may also warrant a child support modification.

Our lawyers can help you explore your options in regard to modifying child support. We will keep your child’s interests in mind, while working with you to seek an amount that is appropriate for your income and ability to pay.

Child Support And College Contributions

In addition to child support in a divorce or a paternity case, a judge has the ability to order parents to contribute to their children’s undergraduate college expenses. Depending on the parties’ incomes, the amount of child support may change to reflect that the parents are now also paying for such college expenses. Sometimes these issues are dealt with in divorce/paternity agreements, and sometimes parents need to return to court to resolve them at or near the time their children enter college.

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