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Couples seeking to divorce or separate in Massachusetts will face many decisions, questions and possible hurdles throughout the legal process. For instance, will you divorce by a joint petition or by a complaint for divorce? What are your rights in a state that does not provide a distinct legal status of “separation”? Also, if you are in a same-sex marriage, how will the lack of federal recognition of your union affect your rights in the divorce process?

At the Peabody, Massachusetts, Law Office of Merril S. Chin, LLC, our four lawyers have practiced divorce and separation law for nearly five decades. We can efficiently and cost-effectively guide you through your entire legal process, and bring the experience gained from having handled thousands of divorce cases to protect and advocate for your rights regarding:

Unique Legal Challenges That Accompany Same-Sex Divorce

Though Massachusetts recognizes same-sex marriage, the federal government does not. Consequently, assets that involve federal components such as federal pensions and federal tax treatment of alimony require unique and creative approaches so same-sex couples can enjoy similar protections/rights as opposite-sex couples. We have handled numerous same-sex cases and can manage the full state and federal components of the divorce process while suggesting creative alternatives and solutions.

Becoming Separated — An Uncommon but Viable Legal Option

In Massachusetts, a distinct legal status of “separated” does not exist. However, married individuals who live apart from their spouses for justifiable cause may seek court orders concerning custody and financial support. There are advantages and disadvantages to this type of action. We can discuss all of your divorce and separation concerns and options at an in-office consultation.

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