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When Is a Prenuptial Agreement Appropriate?

Prenuptial agreements, which are also referred to as antenuptial agreements, are often depicted as the tools of unscrupulous would-be spouses. However, they are useful contracts that can assist couples in managing the opportunities and risks of complex and uncertain divorce and estate laws. For instance, prenuptial and antenuptial agreements can:

  • Stipulate property division and alimony terms in the event of a future divorce or the death of a spouse
  • Shield property owned by spouses prior to marriage, including inherited property and family businesses
  • Ensure that children from other marriages or children born outside of a marriage will inherit the assets their parents wish

Why Choose Us?

At the Peabody, Massachusetts, Law Office of Merril S. Chin, LLC, we bring extensive legal and courtroom experience and knowledge to the tasks of drafting and reviewing antenuptial and prenuptial agreements as well as domestic partnership agreements (agreements executed by individuals who choose to live together without marrying).

In addition to having handled thousands of marital dissolutions, our firm brings a focus on family law that is unusual in northeastern Massachusetts. Our attorneys include a certified mediator, two certified conciliators with the Essex County Probate and Family Court, and legal instructors. We use all of these experiences in advising our clients concerning their options when preparing antenuptial and prenuptial agreements. To learn more about our firm and your rights regarding family law in Massachusetts, contact our firm.

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